One more from me and Gloria ;p

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Kojima Haruna in Sailor Moon Lingerie Set


A gift I made for our anniversary. ^-^

It’s a combination of Adventure Time and Starcraft (drawn in the style of ‘Starcrafts’ by Carbot Animations), and the two of us in this funny cartoon world. ^^


[HD] 140920 Jiyeon @ Yeouido Fansign 


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Don’t know why I never posted this.. Guess I never realized how well me and Gloria worked together when we were shooting.

On another note, there’s a very specific characteristic here that I find hugely attractive in women, and just with people in general really: just a genuine love and appreciation for life. Nowadays, many of us get caught up in all the negatives life seems to throw at us, and we sometimes forget to remind ourselves about all the good stuff; and that includes life in general. Living, breathing. It’s a rare trait and I’ve only seen it in a very small handful of people in my life. And I can’t explain how grateful I am to have them there.